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Arshad M

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I am a Magento Certified Developer
Developing custom, often complex,
features for Magento e-commerce platform.

I can make yourDream comes true in eCommerce world

if it's a small dream also

by Analysing, Developing and Supporting them.

the only limit is your Dreams

What I did! as a Developer

Me as a Person
Something about me as a person ARSHAD
Management Skills
Become the leader for 33 dedicated people (Al Esaba)when I am 20 year old
Managed Kids showroom from purchasing to accounts
Quick Learner
Proved my self by hacking magento in just two weeks
Not only Developer but also have eye on Designing
Managed various religios activities in my home town
Powerfull connections not only in family and friends but in LinkedIn
How it will be helpfull for YOU
My Experience in Magento will be helpful to craft complex solutions
My Skills and Knowledge will be helpfull to deliver complex projects
And more and more that can't express here all but in real Project.

one more thing...

I can promise my dedication for your Project!!!

to beat your competitors... ;)
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